Conference program


The detailed program of the conference is available in the conference booklet (you will receive a printed copy at the conference).

Day 1

Tuesday, August 20th

8:00–8:50 Registration
8:50–9:00 Welcome address
9:00–10:00Plenary — Grégoire Courtine
10:00–10:20Coffee, set up posters A
10:20–12:20Human locomotion
Charlotte Le Mouel, Shinya Aoi, Nidhi Seethapathi, Francisco Valero-Cuevas
12:20–13:30Lunch, optional posters A
13:30–14:30Plenary — Monica Daley
14:30–15:30Human motor control
Dagmar Sternad, David Franklin
15:50–16:40Poster highlights A
16:40–19:00Official poster session A, optional robot demos

Day 2

Wednesday, August 21st

9:00–10:00Plenary — Lena Ting
10:20–12:20Swimming and aquatic behavior
Megan Leftwich, Tetsuya Iwasaki, Katsu Kagaya, Ulrike Müeller
12:20–13:30Lunch, optional posters A
13:30–14:30Plenary — Radhika Nagpal
Kotaro Yasui, Emily Standen
15:30–15:50Coffee, set up posters B (removal of posters A)
15:50–16:40Poster highlights B
16:40–19:00Official poster session B, optional robot demos

Day 3

Thursday, August 22nd

9:00–10:00Plenary — Herman van der Kooij
10:20–12:20Paleontology, evolution, and cool robots
John Hutchinson, Chris Richards, Kamilo Melo, Jamie Paik
12:20–13:30Lunch, optional posters B
13:30–14:30Special talk — Max Erick Busse-Grawitz (Maxon)
14:30–15:30Legged robots
Sangbae Kim, Katja Mombaur
15:30–17:20Coffee and official robot demo session
17:20–18:15Transit to Ouchy by public transport
18:15–21:30Boat departure from dock 2 & banquet

Day 4

Friday, August 23rd

9:00–10:00Plenary — Dario Floreano
10:20–12:20Flying & insects
Elizabeth Helbling, David Lentink, Simon Sponberg, Beth Mortimer
12:20–14:00Lunch, optional posters B and optional robot demos
Barbara Webb, Pavan Ramdya, Poramate Manoonpong
15:30–16:00Best poster and best demo ceremony
16:00–17:00Farewell drinks